Decca Consulting believes in providing clients with the best quality of service. Sourcing the right resume can be a challenge and we at Decca Consulting want to take that challenge so that our clients do not have to. There are three steps to sourcing the perfect candidate and those steps Comprise of:

Finding The Right Candidate

Ability to Deliver On Time

Onsite Support

Combined, these three simple steps give the clients support from the primary to the tertiary stage of hiring. Decca Staffing will source the Right Resume, screen and deliver on time and be ready to be present at the site if additional support is needed.

The Right Candidate

With a database of over 10,000 resumes, we can find and source the most qualified candidate for your project. Whether it be short term or long term, we can technically screen and present you with the best consultant.

Ability to Deliver On Time

Given the resources, the usual delivery of potential resumes can take place within 24 hours. Consultants can be ready to start a project within 7 days from the date of RFP.

Onsite Support

We make sure that our client is 100% satisfied with our consultant. Decca Consulting can provide you with onsite support at your project location. A dedicated account manager is there to provide support.

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