Effective recruitment is more than just selection. The identification, attraction and assessment of talented staff is a significant and strategic issue for an organization currently facing all companies. We offer a professional and comprehensive service which stems from our understanding of:

The role

The industry sector

How best to attract candidates

The priorities, limits and deadlines of our clients

The employment market in general

Staff retention.

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Business Consulting

Change Management

Change is the only constant in business. In order to effortlessly manage change, adequate preparation and effective strategy must be in place. Decca Consulting offers complete solution to effective change management as well as developing various HR documents. Our Change Management Consulting services are designed to help our clients successfully address the challenges and opportunities facing their companies. Our consulting relationship with our clients helps them to better create and implement their business strategies which enable them to increase sales, market share, and profitability.

Climate Survey

A leader’s most significant strength is his ability to create a positive work climate. In an outstanding organizational climate people are energized to produce their best, free of unnecessary distractions. Effective leaders use a repertoire of styles to create positive work climates in the areas they manage.

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Learning Solution

The mission of Decca Consulting Learning is to help companies maximize their potential through training and development of employees.

It is becoming more and more challenging to remain competitive in a global market. Highly skilled and well informed personnel are the key. Our Learning solutions cater to both large and small organizations. We ensure that our courses and training methods are relevant and of best quality.

Our Learning Solutions are tailor-made to the needs of the organization. The resource persons are highly skilled and competent facilitators with many years of experience in diverse fields. Our emphasis is on highly interactive programs, video presentations, with case studies and learning through discussions. We believe that knowledge management is the key to success for today’s enterprise.

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Hardware Solution

We are Proud Partner of DELL, Lenovo, HP, Intel, Cisco.


You may be surprised to learn that a typical entry-level server price is comparable to many desktop

systems. With an Intel-based server, you can meet your small business customers’ needs now, with room

to grow as their businesses expand.

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Software Solution

We are proud partner of Microsoft, Adobe, Intuit and Oracle. If you need any custom software for your

business we can build it as per your need.


Just fill up the form below, be as specific as possible and our Sr. Developer will be in touch

within 24 Hours.

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Web Design


We specialize in the development of custom Website design for small to mid-sized firms. Our solutions are completely custom and entirely dynamic.

Do You Need a Custom Website Design? Just fill up this form and one of our expert will be in touch with you.

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