Mail Express®

Mail Express – Secure File Sharing Solution

EFT is our proprietary managed file transfer software with customizable modules to fit your specificneeds. This secure file transfer platform provides:

  • Securely send files of unlimited size via email
  • Integrates with Outlook
  • No email file size limitations; unaffected by mail server settings
  • Reduce storage costs
  • Enhanced user controls
  • Robust auditing and reporting
  • Wide variety of admin controls
  • FIPS 140-2 approved protocols

Don’t Erode Your Security with “Box” Sharing

Consumer-based, “box” sharing solutions have become more popular, and your employees are using it to send large files both inside and outside of your organization. Because they have no other way to easily transfer large files via email, your data security is slowly eroding as these insecure solutions creep into your network.

Stop the security leak with our enterprise file sharing solution: Mail Express. Mail Express is the easiest and most secure way to both receive and send large files, regardless of their size.

We’ve visualized how Mail Express handles ad hoc file transfers below.

How Mail Express allows you to transfer large files:


Easily and Securely Send Large Files via Email

Send and receive files as an attachment through a web browser or from Microsoft Outlook.

Simplest Way to Transfer Large Files – For Everyone

Mail Express features a limited learning curve for end users. Even the most inexperienced users can send large files with no technical training.

Reduce Storage Costs

Mail Express stores large files on its own secure server, allowing you to dramatically reduce your storage costs.

Enhanced User Control

Internal users can specify preferences when sending their files through the Outlook add-in, allowing them to:

Set a link expiration date

Request a notification when files are picked up

Set a required password for downloading and uploading files

Integrates with Our Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT) Platform

Mail Express can now be fully integrated into our EFT managed file transfer platform. You’ll be able to transfer large files with full visibility from within EFT.

Contact us for more information on how Mail Express can help your business manage and send large files securely.

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