Decca Consulting is a full-fledged IT staffing and solutions provider specializing in sourcing and delivering top quality consultants to clients. The mission of Decca Consulting is to source the right candidate for the client, technically screen the candidate and deliver to the client for an interview within 24 hours of receiving the requsition.


Decca Consulting will deliver fast, reliable consultants for any bandwidth of requisitions that the client may have. Given the broad database of resumes available to DC, resumes can be delivered within 24 hours from the time the requisition is received.


By providing fast service with great quality, and consistency of repeat customers, the vision of DC is to create a safe allowance base. This generates a sufficient income for DC and allows the CEO to implement new ideas and help the company grow exponentially.


The short term goal is to generate revenue without investing large capital and create a steady income. The long term goal is to grow DC at a rate that helps the company generate more revenue and a safe income and make the company more stable and more popular in the Staffing Industry.

Why Choose Us


Reason # 1 Decca Consulting Saves Time

We save time for the Employer.


Reason # 2 We have N to N Solution

We provide N2N Solution for all
your business needs.


Reason # 3 Experience

We have done this for years. Allow us to work with you.

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